How AMGEN Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

Amgen, the world’s largest independent biotechnology company, formed a strategic business relationship with a business process outsourcing provider. Amgen needed to understand the cultural issues that could help or hinder their global accounting transformation and learn the best practices of those who had successfully outsourced to India.


Amgen turned to Global Savvy to clarify the cultural challenges they would face, provide solutions to these challenges, and form strategies for a successful transition.

In both the US and the Netherlands, Global Savvy conducted highly customized Partnering with India programs focused on immediate solutions as well as long-term knowledge.

The workshops were customized to fit Amgen’s needs and were geared at both the leaders and the employees. Free consulting was given to those traveling to India as well as to the managers when they faced challenges.

See the Program That Amgen Uses:


🌎 Results

  • Participants developed a deeper cultural understanding of their Indian partners and how to work effectively with them
  • 35% shared strategies and tips they had learned with their Indian partners, resulting in greater alignment
  • Newly acquired tools for conducting knowledge transfer in a more efficient manner
  •  79% improvement in communications and understanding the cultural nuances of communicating with India

An outsourcing relationship is never as simple as it looks. Like many companies, we found ourselves caught between what was promised and what was delivered. Global Savvy’s invaluable programs on Partnering with India helped us detangle significant confusion and miscommunication. We clearly benefited from their years of experience with similar clients, and they expertly steered us to a more successful path both in their consultations and training. Never before have I had people actually thank me for providing a training course. They made me look good!

Meghan Skelly, Director, Business Services

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