How DirecTV Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

DirecTV was about to embark upon a complicated outsourcing project with an India-based partner. It knew it would benefit from finding out how others had successfully made this journey.

Additionally, it was wanting to build a stronger sense of inclusion and collaboration among its IT teams.


After Global Savvy trained over 400 IT professionals on how to make their work with their Indian partner —both onsite and offshore— more effective, Global Savvy developed a fast-paced training program to increase the level of inclusion and drive a commitment to live DirecTV’s values.

See the Programs That DirecTV Uses:

🌎 Results

  • A tighter connection with their Indian partner both onshore and offshore
  • 67% began using more inclusive language and behavior in meetings
  • A majority of IT professionals committed to taking greater personal responsibility for inclusion

Your highly engaging program, customized for us, focused on how to be inclusive and draw out the unspoken ideas of others even when we are crazy busy. As a result, we are more collaborative and have seen valuable results.

Luz Gonzales, Senior Vice President

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