How Genpact Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

Translating what the client wants is never an easy task as much of that knowledge resides in the heads of the customer. Knowledge transfer and Go Live events always require clear, culturally adept communication, which is more art than science.


Global Savvy worked with the Kolkata-based Genpact teams, training them to be culturally adept at understanding what the customer really wanted, offering solutions, and challenging when needed.

See the Programs That Genpact and Their Clients Use:

🌎 Results

  • 89% of participants demonstrated greater confidence working with global customers
  • Significant increase in efficiency in customer meetings
  • Greater clarity in understanding customer needs
  • 57% rise in virtual meeting participation

For over six years, Global Savvy has partnered with us. Their sessions have been invaluable in helping us to collaborate, communicate, and succeed with our global clients. Because of their programs, our associates can work much more effectively with the cultural nuances they face in their everyday interactions with a wide range of customers. The energy and experience Global Savvy brings are remarkable. Participants leave their programs eager to use what they just learned. The results are immediate and impressive.

Mahua Sen, Senior Manager

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