Ghirardelli CASE STUDY

How Ghirardelli Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

With both global rotations and a complex workforce, Ghirardelli needed help aligning the different cultures to a common core while respecting diversity.

When Ghirardelli relocated one of the best production managers from Switzerland to its plant near San Francisco to be the Director of Production, it knew what it was doing. This manager was a forward-thinking leader who could help Ghirardelli grow into a world-class confectioner. He wanted to hit the ground running and did not want the cultural differences between a US and a Swiss leadership style to stop his momentum.



Ghirardelli hired us to coach their new director on the nuances of American-style leadership skills. We focused on managing in high-stress situations, motivating a diverse workforce, communicating using the appropriate level of directness for US employees, and collaborating with peers. We used the latest in neuroscience to frame the cultural discussions and give him tools he could use immediately with his staff.

Additionally, we led his team through business-focused productivity training which enabled them to work as a tighter, more efficient team.

See the Programs That Ghirardelli Uses:

🌎 Results

Both the training and coaching removed roadblocks as well as helped ensure the individuals had a highly productive tenure at Ghirardelli.

We will let the director speak to his results:


Each coaching session was invaluable and each led to immediate results with my employees. Global Savvy has a keen insight for the unspoken pitfalls that a relocating leader can trip on, and they expertly steered me toward safer ground.

I could actually feel my ‘global communication muscle’ strengthen and am better able to work with my peers as well as coach my staff using what I learned. It was an excellent use of my time.

Sam Bernegger, Vice President of Operations

Global Savvy works with both individuals and teams at Ghirardelli. Global Savvy has the ability to quickly understand an individual or team and provide value-added, insightful coaching and/or development. No matter the level, work experience, or work style, they find a creative way to connect, engage and positively impact the person, team or situation.


Liz Schmidt, HR Director

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