How HPE Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

Greatly increasing the number of projects and employees in India meant HPE needed to quickly ramp up its ability to work across cultures and across distance.


HPE chose to first train over 2,200 employees in the US and then do a mirror training with 750 of its engineers in India to align all sites. Global Savvy also consulted on how to retain India-based employees in a very competitive market leading to successful retention efforts.

See the Programs That HPE Uses:

🌎 Results

  • Tighter teamwork and collaboration between sites
  • Successful retention strategies recommended by Global Savvy put in place
  • Cultural miscommunication minimized due to awareness and skills
  • 19% reported increase in on-time delivery

Global Savvy does an amazing amount of work prior to get a deep understanding of the teams and individuals, their level of skill, and the business issues being impacted. At no additional cost, they customize the entire program. I highly recommend them as the impact they have is exceptional.

Lori Carlson, Engineering Section Manager

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