How Mindtree Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

Mindtree, headquartered in Bangalore and New Jersey, is a fast-growing technology company with offices in over thirteen countries. Their clients depend on them to collaborate and deliver quickly. Their employees look for opportunities to excel, to partner with excellent people, and to grow their talents. With over 16,000 employees and more than 200 customers, issues over communication and culture can crop up.


Working with both Mindtree Minds and their key clients, we created customized programs which provided tools and strategies for breaking through miscommunication and cultural confusion. We made videos of the clients and Mindtree speaking candidly about what each needed from the other to do their best work. The foundation was now laid for the teams to truly take off.

See the Programs That Mindtree Uses:

🌎 Results

Almost 1,000 people, both employees and clients, are benefiting from Global Savvy’s programs and coaching. Now with greater ease and less stress, these global teams strengthen the partnership, build trust, and deepen teamwork across cultures and distance.

  • Customers reported Mindtree was better at understanding their urgency
  • Clients noted an increase in out-of-the-box thinking
  •  42% reported increase in working more effectively with global customers and partners
  • Employees report feeling more at ease when communicating challenges and difficulties

Global Savvy has worked with Mindtree since we first opened our doors in 1999. Their work, both with us and with our clients, has been invaluable as it addresses the unspoken assumptions and nuances that can get in the way of successful partnerships. After each training, our employees are stronger, more skilled, and better able to work with our diverse, global customers.

Subroto Bagchi, Co-founder

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