How Novartis Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

Novartis embarked upon both a finance transformation with an Indian-based partner and the opening of its own operation in Hyderabad. It needed guidance on how to avoid cultural challenges that could impact getting up to speed quickly and productively.


For over seven years, Global Savvy has been training Novartis employees in the US, Europe, and India to work together as a powerful, cohesive team. In addition, Global Savvy worked directly with Novartis’ partner in India to create cultural alignment and to speed knowledge transfer and skills.

See the Programs That Novartis Uses:


🌎 Results

Global Savvy’s customized training and consulting across three continents has made a significant and measurable impact on Novartis’ success in India.

The changes Novartis has seen include:

  • 47% rise in participation on virtual collaboration calls
  • Demonstrable increase in the level of commitment from their Indian partner
  • Greater responsiveness from India-based team members
  • 34% decrease in the numbers of escalations

Global Savvy’s programs at Novartis have had a tremendous impact on our global communication and productivity. I cannot recommend their work highly enough. Their work has made me and my teams much more successful.

Richard Slater, Head, Finance, North America

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