How Polycom Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

Virtual teams can easily lead to significant cultural and communication issues. With employees and partners all over the world, Polycom was looking for solutions to help them lead and work virtually.


Using Polycom’s state-of-the-art technology, Global Savvy conducted virtual and face-to-face programs in over seven locations worldwide. All programs fit Polycom’s specific issues.

See the Programs that Polycom Uses:

🌎 Results

  • a reported 24% drop in miscommunication via email
  • greater efficiency across time zones
  • 32% increase of engagement from virtual employees
  • 42% increase of manager satisfaction with virtual employees
  • significantly less confusion over roles and responsibilities

We all work in global communities now. Skillfully interacting with others from around the world is critical to our business success. We have had the good fortune of working with Global Savvy for seven years and their customized programs never fail to be among the most useful and highly rated trainings we offer. The ah-ha moments light up the room whether they are delivered in person or virtually. Best of all, our employees immediately use what they learned. What a great return on investment!

Erin Ryan Mazcko, Senior Manager, Polycom

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