How SanDisk Uses Global Savvy

The Challenge

A global manufacturer of flash memory, SanDisk needed its US employees to be adept at working globally especially with its employees and partners in China, India, Israel, and Japan.


SanDisk commissioned a series of country-specific programs, some for intact teams and some open enrollment, all focused on SanDisk’s specific issues with case studies drawn from SanDisk’s business.

One of SanDisk’s most highly rated training programs, the Working Globally series, provides immediately useful strategies for working with SanDisk’s global customers, partners, and colleagues.

See the Program That SanDisk Uses:

🌎 Results

  • 69% of participants reported using their new skills within a week of their program
  • 68% increase in ability to successfully engage with global colleagues and partners
  • 43% increase in sharing best practices virtually
  • 39% rise in influencing across borders

This training was the definition of high impact both in the US and for my team in India. I could immediately see how I was going to implement what I learned. You deliver actual value instead of just the appearance of value. Believe me, engineers know the difference.

Bill Devanney, Senior Director, Product Engineering

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