Consulting Includes:


  • Sending a team to India for the first time?
  • Needing an executive briefing on how to best work with new outsourcing partners?
  • Wondering how to structure Inclusion and Diversity programs to have the most impact?
  • Looking for global best practices for your new global managers?
  • Managing global Millennials and unclear about how to motivate them?
  • New to working globally with colleagues, customers, and suppliers?
  • Not sure how to approach some particular cultural sensitivities?


Our team of experts can work with you and a small group to strategize how to answer the above questions and more. We will bring you the best practices from start-ups to Fortune 50. You can leverage what others have learned and benefit from their experience.

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What I have learned from Global Savvy has saved me many times over!

Breanne Miles, Novartis