Leading Virtual Teams

Leading Virtual Teams Includes:
  • Individual assessment
  • Customized design
  • Delivery face-to-face or virtual
  • Individual follow-up
  • Free, lifetime coaching for all participants

Leading a local team or project is never as easy as you expect. When you throw in various time zones, lack of face time, cultural differences, and the complexity of a matrix organization, you have a lot to juggle. Designed both for managers and individual contributors, this class gives people and project managers immediately useful strategies and skills for leading virtual teams.

After the training, participants will be able to more effectively:

  • Strengthen your ability to influence virtually.
  • Increase your credibility as a leader on your team.
  • Use five magic bullets for leading virtually. (They work with local teams, too.)
  • Promote the credibility of your team so their success is visible.
  • Build trust across time zones.
  • Foster the desire of virtual teams to go the extra mile.

This was the best corporate training session of any kind that I’ve ever attended.  At no point did I get the “why am I wasting time in here when I could be working on something else” feeling.  Global Savvy kept it pertinent, fast-paced, informative, interactive and entertaining.  Well done!

Allan Alford, Chief Information Security Officer, Polycom