We are a dynamic team of engaging and talented trainers, consultants, and advisors.

We come from five countries and speak seven languages. One PhD, two MBAs, three MAs, and a JD—all with tons of deep global experience plus street smarts. Our mothers are proud.

We’ve trained 31,000+ professionals face-to-face and virtually. Our clients range from Fortune 50 companies to cutting-edge start-ups. We love our work. We would love to work with you.


+ Scalable, Affordable

+ Exceptionally Good

+ Customized Packages

+ Highly Responsive

+ Really Nice People

+ Been There, Done That



Lu Ellen Schafer

An award-winning trainer and consultant, Lu Ellen is a visionary who also knows how to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. She takes her remarkable talent, combines it with hard skills and deep experience, packages it with diplomacy and charisma, and reaches across cultures and perspectives to give clients what they really, truly want—but never dreamed they could get. She’s the one who sets Global Savvy’s standard of exceeding customers’ expectations—and she inspires others to follow her example. Whether working in Bangalore, Boston or Berlin, and especially when training virtually, Lu Ellen’s singular, engaging approach shifts entire global teams into next-level productivity, communication, and on-the-ground, real results.

Marco Luis Salazar

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Marco Luis intuitively understands Latin American culture inside out. He thinks, speaks, and even dreams bilingually— in perfect English and Spanish—and is adept at reading subtle, essential nuances in his native and adopted cultures that others often miss. One of Marco Luis’ passions is, ahem, accounting—and he’s amazing at it, which is why he’s also an amazing CFO and Natural Fixer. His other passion is rescuing horses: he has 18 to date!

Chau Mai

A fabulous marketing director, Chau intuitively knows how to mix common sense with uncommon vision. She can see what others cannot see, and we all benefit greatly. Her personal passion is her volunteer work with the Job Forum, where she helps others figure out how to thrive in their careers. Bravo!

Dov Pollack

Dov Pollack is where left and right brain tie for the gold medal. For example, he understands emerging applications of neuroscience and transformational leadership as well artsy stuff like filmmaking and how to use his highly attuned emotional intelligence to create magic with an audience. As a systems thinker, Dov uses his diverse skill set to help align organizational culture with business strategy in order to maximize results. For you. For us too.

Karen Seidman

Expertise in areas of conflict resolution, influence, facilitation, and presentation skills?  Check.  Adept at working in fast-paced, high-pressure settings in other countries and speaking foreign languages? Check. Intuitively understands leadership and cultural styles and knows how to deliver that knowledge to others? Check. Totally loved by clients? Double check.

Neha Bagchi

Take seemingly disparate ideas around change management, teamwork, and leadership. Put them in a big bowl with skill descriptors like analytical, persuasive, thoughtful, and approachable. Mix well and you get Neha. Bicultural and super-smart, Neha creates intelligent, effective, customized programs that make the most of current resources, and she does it all with a unique style that minimizes the pain of change.

Susan Kohen

A brilliant and passionate educator, Susan keeps us honest with the latest on how the human brain works and what our clients need in order to learn fast and immediately use what they know.

Robert Brownstone, JD

Robert Brownstone, JD, advises Global Savvy on cultural ethics and diversity issues. He has a keen mind for global organization development and has spent three years living and working internationally. He has led diversity initiatives for a Fortune 50 company in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Robert is an attorney with a moral compass and is smart as a whip.

Pam Fox Rollin

Pam is our not-so-secret weapon when it comes to working with teams experiencing issues ranging from mild cultural disorganization to outright conflict. She’s an amazing Executive Coach, grounded by an MBA from Stanford, and with experience in personality models. She excels in the areas of proactively guiding positive cultural change and helping clients strengthen their intercultural networks.



Cedric is our Swiss-born, European Advisor focusing on the high-tech industry. He’s especially adept at planning and executing international product market launches and has specific expertise in knowledge management. Add these hard skill sets to his knack for discerning which data is critical and which solutions are best, and you’ve got one heck of an advisor (and a great technology conference speaker!).



Joanne is our Asia Pacific Adviser, but that title doesn’t begin to describe her expansive capabilities. She is an extraordinary strategist—able to craft unified solutions that honor seemingly disparate objectives and satisfy everyone at the table. Bilingual and bicultural, she finds creative, out-of-the-box approaches to every riddle we put in front of her. And, although she’s quite tactical and results-oriented, she’s also a true team player who easily collaborates and naturally leads.


Eileen trains virtually with participants from all corners of our world. With two exceptional books already written, including Global Business Leadership, Eileen is a master at pulling it all together for our clients.  Her latest speaking engagement was at the US State Department on the topic of geoleadership. They were impressed!